Subrace InfoEdit

Subrace Information
Ability Bonuses: CHA-2, Saving Throws: Divine -5, Regen +1.
Skill Bonuses?: N/A
Feats?: Shadow Walk at Level 10, Bite Attack at Level 1 (See Siring), Dark Vision
Races: All
Alignment-Lawful/Chaotic: ALL
Alignment-Good/Evil: Must Be Evil
Requirements-Special: N/A
Subrace Details
ECL: +5
Undead: No
SunLight Damage: None
Underground Damage: None
Light Sensitive: Yes
Faction Details: Undead/Vampire

Level 5 - Immunity to Paralysis. Level 10 - Immunity to Poison. (Learns to Shadow Walk / Teleport) Level 15 - Immunity to Disease Level 20 - Immunity to Death Magic, Regen increases to Regen +2. Level 25 - Immunity to Level/Ability Drain. Level 30 - Immunity to Mind Spells. Level 35 - Immunity to Sneak Attacks. Level 40 - Immunity to Critical Hits. Regen Increases to Regen +3

Vampires, the Subrace is split into two categories.

You have the Full Blood/ Pure Blood Vampires, who choose to begin as a vampire in the Worlds of Rhun. These people choose Vampire as their Subrace on the character creation screen, and then you get the Sired Vampires, who where biten by another vampire player within the Worlds of Rhun. Biting a Player, enacts a Conversation dialog between Vampire, and Victim, where the Vampire player asks the player if they choose to become a vampire. If they accept, they are given Vampire Abilities, and become a member of that Vampire Clan/Blood Line. They receive all Benefits, afforded to that Bloodline.


On the World of Rhun, the common folk have long feared the time when the Undead would come to claim their land. That day came along time ago, they just did not realise it.

The Vampires of Rhun are the Aristocrats of the Undead World. Higher in the food-chain than mere Liches or Wraiths.

Vampire Houses or Bloodlines as they sometimes call themselves, are groups of vampires, linked by the Blood of their Master. This being the case, many of the Clans are Unique, receiving different forms of Vampiric Gifts from their Master.

Special Abilities:

  • Level 1: Bite Attack - This attack can cause damage to enemies, or offer the dark gift to a non-hostile player.
  • Level 10: Shadow Walk - Vampires and other Undead long ago discovered that they could bend the shadows of the night, and use them to access a dimension of shadow, where travel is almost instantanious. A vampire using this power, is left drained and cannot use it again for a short duration. However, more powerful vampires, can, if they are powerful enough, use it more often. The range iof Shadow Walking is limited by Sight, however, if the Vampire has a Link with his Destination, even if it is far away, he can send his spirit form to that destination, allowing Shadow Walking to locations he cannot see.

A Vampire also has access to a telepathic network, known as 'The Whispers', a form of telepathy, inherent to Vampires. This telepathy is only receptive to members of the same Bloodline.

Subrace Stats:

  • Fill in when found