Once, this world was know as the Realm of Antiquity. A place of all information from the long ages past, ruled by the wise, immortal and curious, Lord Astaroth.

One day, while experimenting with some old magic, Lord Astaroth accidentally summoned a beast of great dark magic. The beast went on a rampage and it took all of Astaroths powers to even weaken it a little. Unfortunatly, it was not until all of Astaroths powers where used up that the beasts true purpose was revealed. The beast tore open a portal in the fabric of the realm and allowed an even darker being in. This Dark Being unleashed upon the realm terrible nightmares and unimaginable evil, effectivly wiping out the realm, except for Astaroth.


Today, for that event took place millenia ago, the realm is nothing more than darkness and crumbling ruin. The only beings left are powerful skeletons, left by the Dark Being, to guard the Stargate and make sure travellers do not enter this broken realm.

What happened to Astaroth? Physically, He is no more. The evil that corrupted the realm stripped him of his immortality, leaving him depressed and alone to wallow in his guilt. He died a broken man. His spirit however, has lost none of its potency. Without a flesh anchor to keep it in one realm, it travelled across the cosmos and has found itself within a new body.


Who can truly predict what will happen in the future? Perhaps this once great realm shall be restored? Be it by the hands of Adventurers from the Stargate, or perhaps by the hand of Astaroth's new form?

All that is certain is that this realm played host to some of the most ancient and powerful secrets in the cosmos, perhaps some of them survived the Dark Being's wrath?