This page details some of the systems to be scripted in, hopfully in the future.

Stat/Attack LimitEdit

Increased from +12 to +30. Done

Forge DisclaimerEdit

Just gonna add a sign for now. Done

Dynamic SpawnsEdit

Will Add upto 30 to all Stats depending on the player who spawns the monster. Result is Monsters that level, with the spawner. (player who spawned them) Eg - Monster has base STR of 50, if a Player with 65 STR Spawns the monster, the Monster will have +25 added onto his STR. This will make it that the monster has +10 more STR than the player.

How this affects lowbie areas - Galum hills etc? It should not affect lowbie areas too much, we can set the system to only take effect on Monsters with CR ratings over 10, meaning that Goblins etc and the monsters that players depend on for leveling, will remain unaffected.

However, if we were to impliment the system in Galum Hills, it would mean that Goblins would be able to spawn with between 1 - 35ish in any stat. (+30 max bonus). This bonus would be dependant on the player who spawns the monster, and the highest level person in their team. (or the person with highest stat)

- Done - This system is implimented, and now provides challenge to even level 40 Characters, with epic gear.

This system is in development, and discussion. - Please post concerns on the discussion page of this article. Baaleos 15:58, 24 August 2009 (UTC)

Etum Reborn Edit

Etum to be remade with new "quarters" added.

Quarters include

  • Magic Quarter - Magical Accadamy with some Magic Related Shops nearby.
  • Temple District - The Main Religions of Etum will have their Holy Temples in this district. Expect Large Temples with the ability to Donate Gold for Alignment Changes.
  • Public Gardens - Green gardens, lots of Tree's and flowers. A scenic Path from the Docks District, looping round to the North District.
  • Arena District - A new Colleseum south of the Docks District - Entry from the South District and Docks District, earn Gold and other Rewards for fighting Monsters and NPC's.


The Mage Quarter is goind to be a Magical Orientated District, Scenes will include Crystals floating in the air, Spells being cast by NPC Mages practicing their spells, and magical Shimmering Energy surrounding magical Foci in the area.

The Temple District will be home to two Main Temples:

  • One will be Dedicated to the Religion of Origin. An Arguably Chaotic Relgion, whos main theme is Fire. They will Offer Chaotic, and Evil Alignment Changes in exchange for Gold or something else. Ascention's will take place once per Month in the Holy Temple of Origin, at Midnight, on the final Day of the Month.
  • The other will be Dedicated to the Relgion of some Deity, yet to be decided. The Temple will offer Good & Lawful Alignment Changes in exchange for Gold and Services.