The Ori, were once on the same Evolutionary Scale as the Alteran's, however, a philiophical divide separated them, The Ori believing themselves to be better than everyone else, and believing that possessing great power, meant you should use it to subjugate the weak. In essence, the Ori are the Evil Ascended of the Worlds of Rhun. They choose the Form of Beings of Flame, hoping that it will strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. They believe in the power of purification by flame and make fire a central focus of their doctrine.


  • Like the Ascended, and Alterans, the Ori have the ability to Hold their foes via a Telepathic Assault, however, they also delight in burning their enemies as they are helpless to fight back.
  • The Ori are guilty of many things, another crime among the Ascended Ranks, the the Crime of syphoning Life Force from lower beings. The Ori have adapted to be almost parasitical in nature, draining life force from those around them, instead of healing.