Subrace InformationEdit

L'cie are individuals who are blessed, or perhaps more appropriately 'cursed' with the influence of magic in their blood. They usually end up L'cie after having crossed a Fal'ci's path, and angering them.


L'cie are Elemental in origin, each L'cie when born is born with an Elemental Affinity, chosen by fate. Some L'cie have crackling electrical energy buzzing around them, others when angry, radiate waves of burning fire. Once an L'cie has been cursed with their Elemental Affinity, they are bound to it, and will receive strengths and weaknesses associated with it.


L'cie have a unique power, they can Summon an Aeon, or Guardian Deity Creature to do their bidding for a short time. The L'cie has a relationship with their Aeon, for they can only summon Aeon's related to their Elemental Affinity. The Aeons include:

  • Shiva - The Ice Queen (Ice)
  • Ifrit - The Fire Devil (Fire)
  • Odin - God of Thunder (Electric)
  • Alexander - The Holy Warrior (Holy)
  • Anima - The Mother of Pain (Darkness)
  • Bahamut - The Dragon King (Non-Elemental)

The Strength of Each Aeon, will be dependant on the strength of the Summoning L'cie.

The L'cie Subrace is now fully functional - Stats up to level 40 have been added. Summoning System functional.