Subrace Information
Ability Bonuses: Ability Bonus: Charisma +2

Ability Bonus: Constitution +2 Ability Bonus: Intelligence +4 Ability Bonus: Strength +6 Ability Bonus: Dexterity +4

Skill Bonuses?: N/A
Feats?: Darkvision

Resist Energy Fire

Races: Must be Human
Alignment-Lawful/Chaotic: ALL
Alignment-Good/Evil: Must be Neutral
Requirements-Special: AC Bonus: +1

Favored Class: Rogue

Subrace Details
ECL: ECL: +5
Undead: No
SunLight Damage: None
Underground Damage: None
Light Sensitive: No
Faction Details: Etum/Human

Jann - placeholder - WTF is a Jann??