Gyperia is a desert world on the edge of a neigbouring solar system. The planet has an unusual amount of solar entities orbiting it, which are composed of a Glassy Crystaline material. The crystal reflects the light from the sun down onto the planets surface. The result is an almost permanently unbearably high temperature.

The inhabitents of Gyperia, the Gyperians, are a lizard race who's cold blooded nature allows them to survive the high temperatures. Sietch's are rare and far between in the deserts. The inhabitents are not used to getting visitors, and are weary of trespassers.

Gyperia is home to some of the worst bandits in the Realms. They are generally speaking, swords for hire, but they are currently serving Ashra, and her Dark Clergy. Bandits are the primary guardians of the Stargate in Gyperia, Balkoth, her High Priest, was left entombed in the Crypts, with the only key to the surface.

Ashra's temple is located in the 'Desert of the Forty Suns'. Where the light from the Crystaline Satalites converge during the day, causing searing heat. Her temple is a monumental Pyramid protruding from the earth.