Subrace: Dovahkiin

       Alias: Dragonborne
              Dragon Born

Ability Score Bonuses:

                                +5 Str
                                +3 Con
                                +3 Dex

Skill Bonuses:

+10 Discipline

Bonus Feats:

               : Draconic Armor (Level 1)
               : Dragon Breath   (Level 5  **) <-- Subject to change as it doesnt work.
               : Immunity to Fire  (Level 20)


         Knows Draconic Language
         Can use Dragon Shouts (special types of Rituals and Spells, that only Dovahkiin can use)
         Regenerates 2hp Per 10 Seconds @ Night (Glows Red too)

Favored Class: Red Dragon Disciple (Grants an XP Bonus)