Dominate Person has received the following Changed. (Some of which are under review)

  • Universal Domination: If Spellcraft is 50+, All Racial Types can be affected by this spell.
  • Spell Resistance: Unchanged - Must bypass this, if you wish to make use of the following change.
  • Bypass Will Save: If SpellCraft is above 60, Bypass Will Save altogether.

  • Proposed Changes:
  1. Inteligence vs Caster - If Foe's Inteligence is Higher than Caster - Dominate Becomes Daze Effect;
  2. Vs High CR Monsters - Every 100 Points of CR = 20% Chance to Ignore Dominate. Roll d2(10) Dice - Roll higher than 15 to Daze the Foe Instead.
Balkoth - 480 CR = 80% Immunity to Dominate. Etc.