Enkara and the Dagger of Woe is a legendary tale. Many consider it a mythos around the origins of assasins and rogues in general.

Enkara was a Fisher-woman by day, but by night she would wear garments of black and go out into the night to sate her thirst for blood.

She became quite skilled at it, and caught the attention of some un-named dark Diety. The Diety instructed her to train others, and so she did. The first Assasins guild was formed, and Enkara, their mentor.

Her blade was called the Blade of Woe, but when she turned 60, one of her students, furious that she refused him an increase in rank, drove the Blade of Woe into her neck. The Blade absorbed her soul, and the blade became the Blade of Enkara.

This Blade is truely powerful, if not a little evil.

Enkara's soulblade grants its wielder:

Enhancement Bonus: Strength +8
Attack Bonus vs.: Good +15
Attack Bonus vs.: Lawful +18
Use: Aura versus Alignment (15) 1 Use/Day
Damage Bonus: Negative Energy 1d10 Damage
Damage Bonus vs.: Chaotic Good 2d12 Damage Negative Energy
Damage Bonus vs.: Lawful Good 2d8 Damage Negative Energy
Damage Bonus vs.: Neutral Good 1d8 Damage Negative Energy
Damage Vulnerability: Divine 90% Damage Vulnerability
Damage Vulnerability: Positive Energy 90% Damage Vulnerability
Enhancement Bonus: +18
Damage Immunity: Negative Energy 50% Immunity Bonus
Immunity: Death Magic
Immunity: Knockdown
Immunity: Poison
On Hit: Ability Drain DC=20 Dexterity
On Hit: Vampiric Touch Level 10
Quality: Godlike
Vampiric Regeneration: +5
Only Useable By: Evil
Only Useable By: Assassin
Only Useable By: Rogue
Only Useable By: Shadowdancer