Daeva are Etherial Beings, composed mostly of Aether, a magical binding force in the universe. Aether is the life blood of a Daeva, their immortality is dependant on it.


Aether flows through Daeva like a river, awakening a divine essence within. Daeva are bestowed Angelic Wings, Dark for Male, and Snow White for Female. Flight is their gift.

Aether RageEdit

A Daeva is more than just a flying Elf or Human. They have the power of Aether at their command. They can use this Aether Rage to provide a 30 second Buff to their team mates, granting a Powerful Bonus to Attack Bonus, Armor Class, Regeneration, and Damage Bonus.

Aether is the life blood of a Daeva, and this act will cause the Daeva using it, to experience Aether Depletion, an effect that will cause the Daeva to have a reduced Attack Bonus, Armor Class, and Saving Throw decreases for 30 seconds.


Daeva Subrace Cannot be chosen on the Character Select Screen. You MUST create a character of any subrace, other than Vampire, and complete the Trials of Ascention, Accesible from the Etum Museum Halls of Naught. Alternativly, you can access the Undead Tunnels from Etum Crypts, and then follow the tunnels to the Halls of Naught, from there, find the Forgotten Chapel.

Only 3 Daeva can be created per a Server Instance. The Shrine that empowers the Daeva will be depleted after it has converted its third Daeva.