Character StoriesEdit

Neverwinter Nights is a Story Driven Game, and as such, Worlds of Rhun, as attempted to give players purpose, and direction, by allowing them to take on the role of a Character, with a pre-set history which the player can choose to re-live.

Currently Implimented:

  • Non-Drow & Non-Undead Characters: These Players can join the game, and be whisked off to a Drow Prison Camp, where they will eventually be rescued by a band of Adventurers. This sets the player on the role of an Elidor Survivor. Little Risk to the Player. Friendly NPC's around to help.
  • Undead - Wraith: You awaken in the Forgotten Crypts of Fel'grath. You look down, and see your own grave. A necromancer is before you, attempting to subjugate you to his will. His spell fails, and he realises you are beyond his control. You must fight him to survive. Delve deeper into the Ruins of Fel'grath, to destroy the minions of the Necromancer, and to purge them from your grave so you may rest. Moderate Difficulty - 3-4 Hostile NPC's. CR of 1-2 each.

Implimented Soon:

  • Undead - Vampire: You awaken in your grave in the Crypts of Fel'grath, the Ceiling is leaking water, as well as a red liquid that has been flowing onto your grave. You feel a strange strength, but also an Amnesia of sorts, who are you, what are you? You feel compelled to escape from this place, to find answers. Explore the Crypts, to find an escape route to the surface.
  • Undead - Lich: You have just succeeded in becoming a Lich. However, rival Wizards from afar have now heard of your success, and they wish to destroy you before you become too powerful. You must fend them off, and protect your stronghold, else they will burn you at the stake.