The Artifact known as BloodBane is named for its creators infernal nature. For he was a great vampire who roamed the world, stalking and praying on the helpless many hundreds of years ago. He was so powerful, that it took an entire congregation of clerics and paladin just to 'turn' him.

His body was utterly obliterated, however, his Armor was left intact. Witnesses say they saw a smokey phantasm swooping into the Armor. The legend says that this armor is possessed by the Vampiric Soul, and imbues vampiric powers upon any who don's the armor.

Armor Bonuses:

Armor Bonus: +15
Bonus Feat: Shadow Walk (Vampire Teleport Power)
Damage Reduction: +4 Soak 5 Damage
Damage Resistance: Acid Resist 15 / -
Damage Resistance: Divine Resist 15 / -
Damage Resistance: Fire Resist 15 / -
Damage Resistance: Positive Energy Resist 15 / -
On Hit: Vampiric Touch Level 10
Quality: Masterwork
Regeneration: +16
True Seeing