The Alteran are a race of thinkers, and know it alls. They make excelent inventors, but more than that, they possess strong mental abilities, allowing them to engage their foes in mental combat, keeping them in a sustained hold state.

Moving from their location, or loosing eye contact with the target will break the hold.


  • Mental Hold : The player makes a Concentration Skill check vs DC equal to the Targets CR Rating / 3. If they succeed in maintaining control and concentration, they must then hope that their foe fails a will save vs DC Equal to the Players Hit Dice /2, added to their conentration skill ranks.

Every 5 seconds, these checks will be re-cehecked, and depending on the outcome, the hold will be re-applied, or released.

  • Telepathic Heal: The player transfers Health equal to their level * 2 to the target, healing the target, but damaging the player.

Alteran Hold